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Chorale Concerts: Shenzhen Serendipity

  • 2019.10.10-10.12 20:00

  • Mountain View Theater

    3 - 4F, the Sea World Culture and Arts Center丨Design Society

  • Entry Fee¥280.00

Two choirs from different sides of the strait will gather in Shenzhen, to celebrate the chorale music that has overwhelmed the East and the West. Programs for three concerts in a row include folk songs from the hometown of both choirs, a selection from the bel-canto and Lieder repertoire, newly composed songs for classical Chinese literature as well as classic pop songs.

Taipei Male Singers


The Taipei Male Singers was founded in 1997. Since then, the choir has been invited to many international choral festivals and has won several important awards. In 2006, Taipei Male Choir was selected as No. 6 in the world rankings list from INTERKULTUR Foundation among all choirs in the world. The choir has toured extensively in Asia and Europe and collaborated with many internationally renowned choral conductors such as Frieder Bernius (Germany), Craig Hella Johnson (USA), Hans-Christoph Rademann (Germany) and Ko Matsushita (Japan). Taipei Male Singers has released three CDs of classical and contemporary male choral music. The first and the latest recordings won the Best Performance Award at 2011 Golden Melody Award in Taiwan.

The 1872 Chorus


A social welfare organization formed by employees of the China Merchants Group and local music lovers, the 1872 Chorus was founded in 2003 and has now become one of the signature artistic groups within the culture scene of Nanshan District, Shenzhen. As a major part in the social welfare practices of the China Merchants Group, who has a history of over a century, the multi-award winning 1872 Chorus has devoted itself to all kinds of social benefit activities since its establishment.


The 1872 Chorus Concert

Conductor: FENG Chun (冯春)
Piano: ZHANG Chen-Xi (张宸郗)

Mixed Chorus
Colorful Cloud Chasing the Moon (彩云追月)
A Parting Tune with A Thrice Repeated Refrain (阳关三叠)
The Olive Tree (橄榄树)

Female Chorus
Rainbow (雨后彩虹)
The Vineyard Serenade (葡萄园夜曲)

Male Vocal Quartet
Lake Baikal (贝加尔湖畔)
Love (爱, by The Little Tigers) 

Mixed Chorus
Ode to the Beautiful World (歌唱世间的美好)
The Seal Lullaby
Waiting for Dawn (等待黎明)

—— Intermission ——

Mixed Chorus
Arirang (阿里郎)
Across The Water (在水一方)

Male Chorus
The Great River (江河)
Sing You Way Home
Look Over Here, Girl (对面的女孩看过来)

Mixed Chorus
Motherland, My Kindly Mother (祖国,慈祥的母亲)
The Promise (相约)
The Farewell Song  (城南送别)


The 1872 Chorus X Taipei Male Singers Concert

Conductor: 1st Half - FENG Chun (冯春) ; 2nd Half - LIEN Fang-Pei (连芳贝)
Piano: 1st Half - ZHANG Chen-Xi (张宸郗); 2nd Half - WANG Szu-Han (王思涵)

Mixed Chorus
Blossoms on a Moonlit River in Spring (春江花月夜)
If Tomorrow Were the Next Life (1872 Chorus & Taipei Male Singers)

Female Chorus
Song of Flowing River (流水恋歌)
Decorated-Curtain Rolled Up (卷珠帘)

Male Chorus
Almihan (阿拉木汗)
War drums of Yuyang Shake the Earth (渔阳鼙鼓动地来)
On Looking Back (蓦然回首) 1872 Chorus & Taipei Male Singers

Mixed Chorus
The Cloud of Hometown (故乡的云)
Herding the Flock (赶牲灵)

—— Intermission ——

Abendständchen - Lyrics: J. von Eichendorff / Compose: F. Mendelssohn
Look Up at the Stars in the Night  (見上げてごらん夜の星を) - Lyrics: Rokusuke Ei / Compose: IZUMI TAKU / Arr.: Naohiko Terashima
Die Mainacht - Lyrics: L. Hölty / Compose: J. Brahms / Arr.: Z. Stroope
Oh, When I Was in Love with You - Poetry by A. E. Housman
A Red, Red Rose - Poetry by Robert Burns
A Drinking Song - Poetry by W. B. Yeats
We Have A Dream (阮有一個梦) -  Lyrics: Lee Chung-Pan / Compose: Wang Ming-Jer / Arr.: Huang Yu-Hsien
A Small Umbrella (一支小雨伞) - Lyrics: Huang Min / Compose: Ichiro Tone / Arr.: Cameron Golinsky
Baby (宝贝) - Lyrics & Compose: Deserts Chang / Arr.: Lin Meng-Hui
The Evening Primrose (夜来香) - Lyrics & Compose: Li Jin-Guang / Arr: Liu Wen-Yi / Re-Arr.: Peng Zhi-Yu

Taipei Male Singers Concert

Conductor: LIEN Fang-Pei (连芳贝)
Piano: WANG Szu-Han (王思涵)

Abendständchen  - F. Mendelssohn
Rastlose Liebe - Robert Schumann
Minnelied - Max Reger
Die Mainacht - J. Brahms / Arr.: Z. Stroope

Sure On This Shining Night - Morten Lauridsen
If Music Be the Food of Love - David Dickau
Lux Aurumque - Eric Whitacre
Jing-ga-lye-ya - Bruce Sled

—— Intermission ——

The Great River Races East (大江东去)   -  Lyrics: Su Shi, Music: Qing Zhu, Arr: Chen Min-He
On Looking Back (蓦然回首)  -  Lyrics: Xin Qi-Ji, Music: Chen Jian-Bang, Arr: Ray Chu
Bright Smile (深笑)  -  Lyrics: Lin Hui-Yin, Music: Huang Yu-Hsian
If Tomorrow Were the Next Life (如果明天就是下一生)  -  Lyrics: Chang, Hui-Mei, Music: Shih Ching-Ju

When the World Quiets Down (世界恬静落来的时)  -   Lyrics: Hsiang Yang, Music: Yu Po-Neng
Celebrate the New Year at Home (转年)  -  Lyrics & Music: Chen Yung-Tao, Arr: Huang Yu-Hsian
Blessing (祝福)  -  Lyrics & Music: Huang Jhong-Yuan, Arr: Liu Sheng-Hsien
Mountain Girl Wants to Get Married (内山姑娘要出嫁)  -  Lyrics: Hsieh Li-Yen, Music: Kuo Ta-Cheng, Arr: Lin Ming-Syue


  - 10% off for Design Society Members;
  - Best available seats will be allocated automatically according to ordering time.

  - ONE ticket for each concert, three tickets in total.

* All purchases tickets are non-refundable and not able to be exchanged.
* Design Society holds the right to interpret the terms & conditions to subscription and discounts.


Chorale Concerts: Shenzhen Serendipity - package

Mountain View Theater (3 - 4F, the Sea World Culture and Arts Center丨Design Society)

*ONE prime location ticket for each concert, three tickets in total;

The 1872 Chorus Concert

Mountain View Theater (3 - 4F, the Sea World Culture and Arts Center丨Design Society)

The 1872 Chorus X Taipei Male Singers Concert

Mountain View Theater (3 - 4F, the Sea World Culture and Arts Center丨Design Society)

Taipei Male Singers Concert

Mountain View Theater (3 - 4F, the Sea World Culture and Arts Center丨Design Society)

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