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V&A gallery Curator's Guide by Brendan Cormier

By identifying several key values that have been driving design processes all over the world throughout the past two centuries, the objects in the exhibition either support or question these value claims, triggering the audience to reflect on how they value design themselves.

  • 2019.05.26 Sunday 14:30-16:00

  • V&A Gallery

    1F, the Sea World Culture and Arts Center

Values of Design

The first exhibition at the V&A Gallery  called ‘Values of Design’ . It consider how values drive design and how design is valued, as well as highlighting the key role that design plays in society. ‘Values of Design’ has been curated and designed specifically for the V&A Gallery, Shekou at Design Society.  It will feature exhibits drawn from the V&A’s major collections of fashion, photography, furniture, product and graphic design, theatre and performance.It will showcase objects that represent key turning points in the history of design against the backdrop of Shenzhen, a city in which design and manufacturing are developing at a rapid rate.

About Guide

Brendan Cormier

Brendan Cormier is the lead Curator of the V&A Gallery at Design Society. The V&A Gallery, called ‘Values of Design’ brings together 250 objects from the museum’s permanent collection in London to explore the different ways our values inform the design process, and the way design adds value. Prior to his work at the V&A, he acted as managing editor of Volume Magazine, an international thematic quarterly on architecture and urbanism.



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