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Beauty in Asian Instruments 2019: Silence in the Woods - Singing Bowl Music by Tsang Man-Tung

  • 2019.10.26 Saturday 20:00-21:00

  • Mountain View Theater

    3 - 4F, the Sea World Culture and Arts Center丨Design Society

Singing bowls are ancient instruments that have long been used in Buddhist ceremonies to accompany periods of meditation and chanting.

A skilled performer of sacred Himalayan singing bowls, Tsang Man-Tung is also a renowned local scenographer with more than twenty years of experience, who has received numerous local and international awards including Best Set Design from Hong Kong Drama Awards and Hong Kong Dance Awards, Award for Best Artist (Theatre) at the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards (2008); Silver Prize and Honorable Mention for Set Design at World Stage Design 2017 and Asian Cultural Council Fellowship which allowed him to visit Yale University as a special research fellow in 2009.

Tsang has given public performances over the world in past years. His performances combine contemporary theatre with the natural timbres of Chinese musical instruments to bring about a taste of Oriental aesthetics and cultivate a peaceful mood. In Silence in the Woods, Tsang will guide you through the mysteries of singing bowls and the healing powers of sound.


Into Nirvaņa
Aesthetic Contemplation into the Mountain
Rainbow Creek
Private Serenity
Immaculate Heart

Runing Time: 60 mins.

Performing Team:
Director:Tsang Man-Tung
Performer: Tsang Man-Tung, Kelly Lau & Song Yeung



Premium Seats:¥480 /  Exclusive Seats:¥380
- 10% off for Design Society Members;
- Best available seats will be allocated automatically according to ordering time.

* Recommended children: 120cm+  children
* All purchases tickets are non-refundable and not able to be exchanged.
* Design Society holds the right to interpret the terms & conditions to subscription and discounts.

Beauty in Asian Instruments

The sounds of traditional Asian instruments tell a unique story of ritual and spiritual beauty of acient memories. This series is a collection of performances that illustrate the tonal and visual charms of the Asian music. Welcome to this melodic world, and depart with a sensation of experiencing the essence of various cultures.


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Silence in the Woods - Singing Bowl Music by Tsang Man-Tung
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Silence in the Woods - Singing Bowl Music by Tsang Man-Tung

Mountain View Theater (3 - 4F, the Sea World Culture and Arts Center丨Design Society)

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