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Remains- Vallée de Joux 遗迹 ©Quayola

An AI Art Journey of the Future

40 Years of Humanizing Technology – Art, Technology, Society

A Gathering of the World’s Top Artists of Science and Technology
A Pilgrimage of Awarded Works throughout 40 Years
An AI Art Journey of the Future
A Grand Summit of the Super Brains around the Globe
A Disruptive Revolution Taking Every Individual by Storm

  • 2020.05.16-10.11

  • Main Gallery

    1F,the Sea World Culture and Arts Center丨Design Society

  • Entry Fee¥116.00


This is the first time that Ars Electronica (Linz, Austria) comes to Shenzhen,

first City of Design in China entitled by UNESCO.

 In retrospect to the history of Art Field of Science and Technology (AST) throughout the past four decades in China and beyond, the exhibition invites visitors to a spectacular AI art journey of the future, and deeply delves into this disruptive revolution, which has been affecting each of us all around the world.


“In the exhibition, we look specifically at the last 40 years, approximately the period in which the so-called –‘Digital Revolution’ has sparked a rapid, global dynamic and become one of the central, global challenges for society. …Today, as a society, we are facing another paradigm shift with regard to our technology and our relationship to it. From automation to its autonomization, it is practically the independence of the digital self. This paradigm shift will not only have an effect on industry, but will also be felt deep in our everyday lives, forcing us to question our concept of being human.”

——Martin Honzik, curator and senior director of Ars Electronica

40 Years of Humanizing Technology – Art, Technology, Society is another major exhibition focusing on digital civilization and AST after Minding the Digital, the popular inaugural exhibition of Design Society. It explores the relationship among art, technology and the development of human society, reflects on the digital revolution which remoulds daily life and the future of everyone, envisions and shapes the symbiotic future world of humans and robots.


Bringing together the world’s top artists of science and technology, the exhibition showcases the best-known works by Nelo Akamatsu, Refik Anadol, AnotherFarm & Sputniko!, Kate Crawford, Akinori Goto, Ai Hasegawa, Toby Kiers, Tore Knudsen, Isaac Monté, onformative, Quadrature, Quayola, Anna Ridler, Mariano Sardón, Mariano Sigman, Universal Everything, etc.

Visitors can run through numerous artworks of cutting-edge technology and design, including the awarded works spanning 40 years of Ars Electronica, as well as the representative works in the Chinese field of AST.

Origin 起源 © Refik Anadol2,图片惠允:中央美术学院、奥地利林茨电子艺术节、设计互联 2

Origin 起源 © Refik Anadol

The exhibition is curated by Martin Honzik, curator and senior director of Ars Electronica, in collaboration with Qiu Zhijie, artist and dean and professor of the School of Experimental Art at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA).


Wind of Shenzhen 深圳的风  © Refik Anadol

Ars Electronica in Shenzhen alongside is the first large-scale documentary exhibition with a systematical introduction on AST in both Chinese and western world. From digital revolution in the 1980s-1990s and the development of the Internet, to current biotechnology and artificial intelligence, it charts the topics of Ars Electronica over the years, thus demonstrates the evolvement of AST nourished by culture and technology in the west.


Sculpture Factory 雕塑工厂 © Quayola

This is also the first systematical collation of how AST develops in China, which displays the new pattern of how AST spreads and communicates among colleges, art institutes, and the public.


传记:冥王星和普罗塞尔皮纳  © Quayola

As a large-scale platform of integrated creativity, Design Society has long been concentrating on relevant topics of global frontier culture and civilizations in digital era. It makes every exhibition the destination closely related to daily life, and provides a platform for global elite experts, talents, and the broad visitors concerned with the future of human to engage in open dialogues. 


Meandering River 蜿蜒之河   © onformative (DE) & kling klang klong (DE)


Meandering River 蜿蜒之河   © onformative (DE) & kling klang klong (DE)

Wall of Gazes 凝视之墙

Wall of Gazes 凝视之墙   © Mariano Sardón (AR) & Mariano Sigman (AR)  


Modified Paradise- Dress 改造的天堂:衣裙  © AnotherFarm & Sputniko!

During the exhibition of 40 Years of Humanizing Technology, the grand meeting of super brains in global art field of science and technology will also be held at the Sea World Culture and Arts Center. From summit forums, academic exchanges, and interactions of creative enterprises, to public educational projects for groups of all ages, a series of events will be launched during this period. 

屏幕快照 2019-10-18 下午9.39.47

Buy Tickets

Ticket info:

Early bird: ¥48(Sale till: 20 Oct, applicable for 3 Nov – 30 Nov)

Pre-sale: ¥68 (Sale till: 3 Nov, applicable for the total exhibition duration)



*Exhibition open  to the public at 03.11.2019. Members free.



Participating Artists:

Nelo Akamatsu, Refik Anadol, AnotherFarm & Sputniko!, Chen Baoyang, Kate Crawford, Akinori Goto, Ai Hasegawa, He Xiaodong, Jiang Zhuyun, Vladan Joler, Bjørn Karmann, Toby Kiers, Tore Knudsen, Liu Wa, Long Xingru, Isaac Monté, onformative, Qiu Siyao, Qiu Zhijie, Quadrature, Quayola, Anna Ridler, Mariano Sardón, Mariano Sigman, Universal Everything, Wu Juehui, Xia Yubing

Guidance: Nanshan District Publicity Department of Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the CPC, Zhaoshang Sub-district Office of Shenzhen Nanshan District, China Merchants Culture Industry

Organizer: Design Society, Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Ars Electronica (Linz, Austria)

Sponsor: C Future Lab, Silk Road Vision Technology Co., Ltd., EAST (Education, Art, Science, Technology) Alliance

Co-Organizer: School of Experimental Art at CAFA, Digital Art and AI Lab at CAFA Visual Art Innovation Institute, School of Intermedia Arts at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (GAFA)

Visual Support: Rito

Supported by: Hello Tale, live art space, Guangzhou Joytower Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.

Ticketing Partners: Bilibili, Damai, Maoyan

Special Science Communication Platform: Neureality

Curator: Qiu Zhijie, Martin Honzik

Executive Curator: Jo Wei, Christl Baur

Project Manager: Deng Biwen


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