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Recharging crafts with the demands and opportunities of our time


· A portrait of craft as a pioneering strength in contemporary design and culture
· Design Society’s second feature exhibition, in the Main Gallery of Design Society
· Over 50 exhibitors, more than 100 works, engaging with craft in China
· Four themes: The vitality of traditional crafts, Craft methodology, Investment in new technologies and Craft Idealism
· Exploring a new world full of craft potential

  • 2018.09.16-2019.02.28

  • Main Gallery

    1F,the Sea World Culture and Arts Center丨Design Society

shoe1-6 dia

Curatorial statement

Craft: The Reset  is a large scale exhibition about the reawakening of crafts in contemporary design and society. Following Design Society’s the inaugural exhibition Minding the Digitalon the impact of digital innovationabout human society’s at Design Society’s Main Gallery, it investigates the widening possibilities of crafts as an equally important creative impulse for China’s future innovation.

Crafts are fashionable. A surge of interest is seeing a growing amount of people learning, consuming, sharing and supporting crafts. Many mainstream products are adapting a craft look or story, catering to new aesthetic sensibilities, new consumer classes and global trends.

Approaching crafts from four distinct angles, Craft: The Reset evaluates how creative practices are reinvigorating crafts from within, using this medium as an interface to engage with larger themes in contemporary society. It explores how designers create new lifestyles with crafts. In this context, we ask how designers are relating to the past through traditional crafts, how they are engaging with materials, how crafts are being innovated or are a channel fordrivingnew innovation, and how crafts represent a new idealism and responsibility. Each section shows how designers are thinking through crafts, showing a new spirit orexpressingnew attitudestowards quality,detail, time, culture, skill, value and connection.

25 看见•听园提盒

KANJIAN · Harken the Landscape Box

KANJIAN x Shen Baohong


Wood, copper and leather

Craft Revival

Traditional crafts transfer past knowledge about making, problem solving and materials, inspiring us to new creativity and connecting us to our cultural identities. This section shows how designers are using traditional crafts to shape contemporary identities, as well as taking action for their preservation, functioning as mediators between traditional crafts and new audiences, raising awareness for and reenergizing crafts.


Hangzhou stool

Chen Min  2013-2015 Bamboo

Methods and Skills

Crafts also represent a way to relate to materials. No craft can be practiced without fully understanding the properties of a material, and craftsmanship is seen as the mastery of this understanding. Designers can learn through physically engaging with materials, as they are deconstructed from traditional crafts or through material experimentation.


Bamboo Soft

Zhang Junjie 2017 Bamboo

Iteration and Innovation

Crafts, like many other parts of life are being shaped by new technological developments. Combining crafts with new technologies is opening up easier access to craft knowledge, and new possibilities to share, learn and preserve crafts skills and material intelligence, helping counter a loss of intangible culture while helping technology be more locally and socially relevant.


Shredded Decal No. 1 

Recycled China (Jeffrey Stephen Miller and Thomas Schmidt)


Discarded commercial ceramic decal, porcelain tile

Crafting a Better World

Crafts are often seen as a form of creation more in balance with nature and humanity. They can help create new social connections, through sharing and working together, and through sharing cross-disciplinary skills. Crafts are also seen as a more sustainable alternative, representing a new awareness, about realizing our responsibilities, towards each other and the environment.

Design Society丨Main Gallery

The Main Gallery is the Sea World Culture and Arts Center’s largest exhibition space, positioned at the very heart of the building. The Main Gallery will present immersive, interactive, and experimental experiences, touching on major topics in design today. In short the Main Gallery is Design Society’s manifesto. A place where all of Design Society’s ambitions are integrated: from the choice of topics, to collaboration with other parties, and cutting edge curatorial research.


Design Society would like to acknowledge the contribution made by many individuals, both within and outside the Design Society, who have dedicated their time and expertise to the exhibition. 

Director: Ole Bounman

Assistant  Director: Rong Zhao

Exhibition Curator: Carrie Chan,Azinta Plantenga

Assistant curator: Siyun Tang

Exhibition manager: Xiaonan Li

Senior Exhibition Officer: Zhou Chenchen

Exhibition Assistant: Li Zhixin

Public Learning and Event Officers: Ye Qiuyi, Pan Xuan

Head of Communication: Gu Ling

Membership Manager: Zhang Shu

Branding Officer: Wu Sichao

Project Assistants: Sun Chang, Zhao Yi


We look forward to receiving your feedback on the exhibition.  

Questionnaire link:  ( After this questionnaire is completed, you can participate in the lottery, and receive a prize  provided and distributed by Design Society.)

Your opinions and Suggestions will be our driving force.

云骨竹柔-章俊杰Bamboo Soft-Zhang Junjie©️设计互联

What is Craft?


Interview with Julie & Jesse

羊舍系列-杨明洁©️设计互联Design Society1

Interview with Yang Mingjie


Interview with FFIXXED Studio


Interview with PINWU Studio

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