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5x10: A Journey to Mixed Reality

  • 2018.07.15-08.10

  • Park View Gallery

    1F, the Sea World Culture and Arts Center丨Design Society


Shenzhen, one of the fastest growing metropolises in the world, is attracting and nurturing a variety of high-tech entrepreneurial teams. A prominent case among them goes to the Hive X incubator under HTC in Nanshan District. As a new comprehensive cultural platform, Design Society always focuses on cutting-edge works and applications, and continues to foster designers and teams with potential and creativity. For the past two years, Design Society has maintained close relationship with Vive X, observing the progress of its incubation teams. Configreality, which was invited here, is one of them.

The five works presented in the exhibition are closely linked to build out a future space created by virtual reality and augmented reality. With wearable devices, the superimposed virtual world gives the audience an infinite space experience and thus generates unlimited possibilities within a physical space of 5 x 10. The exhibition hopes to not only bring the most advanced mixed-reality experience to the audience, but also try to build a platform for experimentation and reflection, with audience to discuss the following questions:

Whether the space experience brought by sensory simulation and wearable technology will lead us to a better, more humane future? Or on the contrary, they compress the life itself while compressing the space itself? With the development of virtual technology, how can we continue the people-oriented sustainable lifestyle? Design Society takes the concept of space 5x10 as the starting point, explores the potential of mixed reality, and supports the future works of Configreality in the forefront of related fields.


From spatial positioning technology to 5x10 technical patent

Viewer Interacting with Virtual Environment ©️Configureality

Nowadays, VR/AR is no longer something unfamiliar. After several years of development, the boundary between the two is not clear anymore. So now it’s actually a state of mixed reality. In this context, the content and method of interaction between people and environment goes to a new level, a Hyper Real level that beyond the real reality. But what remains unchanged here is the mobile way of restoring the nature perception and exploring unknown space.

The team has multidisciplinary background in architecture and computers, integrating R&D and design. With their self-developed algorithm patent, they are passionate to conduct practices with creativity, technology and experience.


What is 5x10 Space

To understand 5 * 10, one needs first understand the Redirect Walking Algorithm. It is a common knowledge that it is impossible for a person to walk in a straight line without the help of eyesight and hearing. Redirect Walking Algorithm uses the similar method, replacing the eyesight and hearing by VR in order to cheat the position sense so that the users would feel like walking in an infinite virtual world while actually wondering around in the 5 * 10 physical space.


Other Experience Scene ©️Configureality

The 5×10 space can be arbitrarily changed by humans. It can be transformed at will to meet the users’ demands. It can be a living room, a bedroom, a gym, a cinema or any other places in the world. These places are not simple projections or holograms----they are created by the simulation of sensory feedbacks. The magic is actually the combination of the simple deformation of physical space and the virtual world simulated by VR. This mixed reality (MR) is the technical basis of the future 5*10 space.

People can eat, sleep and social with friends within this standardized 5 * 10 space. The concept of the window has lost and the boundary between home and outside became meaningless: what people have is not a limited 5 * 10 space, but a customized personal world.

Transforming Space
VR gif

The 5×10 space can be arbitrarily changed by humans. It seems that human beings have acquired the magic power of the Creator in the future world. The 5*10 standardized space is actually the combination of the simple deformation of physical space and the virtual world simulated by VR. This mixed reality (MR) is the technical basis of the future 5*10 space.

Using AR technology, this part of exhibition presents a reasonable vision for the future of the world in three-dimensional visual. As the name implies, this exhibit reflects the endless creativity and possibilities that technology will bring to the future of life.

Space Forest
VR2 gif

With the popularization of standardized space, the human settlement in the future will be more concentrated, so this kind of honeycombed home will become the mainstream.

This work uses kinect technology to interactively display more content in one plane. In this way, the author hopes to inspire more intense immersion. Visitors can look into the future of standardization 5*10 space which is constructed in accordance with their wishes, while they themselves are in it.

Infinite Space
VR3 gif

"Window" is no longer connected to the two sides of the same physical world, but two different worlds. This space technology has greatly increased the space utilization rate, allowing humans to access to an infinite world in the real space of 5*10. With AR photography technology, this work presents the breakthrough of the concept of “boundary” by the future space technology.

Imaginary Space
VR4 gif

This work is a five-minute VR experience. The technology used here is the prototype of the future space technology. It combines VR technology and redirection walking algorithms, allowing users to experience an infinitely large space in 5 * 10 space. The author of this experience is the inventor of this technology. The work reflects the author's own presentation and interpretation of this technology, as well as the outlook and thoughts of it.

About Configreality

The Shenzhen ConfigReality Technology Ltd. is a company that offers hybrid reality unlimited walking solutions, focusing on the development and application of large-space VR commercial field. Now it is dedicated to promoting offline immersive entertainment and VR unlimited digital showroom. With their proprietary spatial compression algorithms, users feel like they are walking in infinite space, even in limited physical space. Through the research on the human brain space recognition system, they developed the algorithm of infinite walking in a limited space by perception deviation, which is difficult to be noticed by people. Compared to traditional VR walking methods such as teleportation, users can actually walk to everywhere in the virtual space, and get a more realistic and immersive walking experience and spatial interaction.

The website is currently a beta version.

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