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Rong Design Exhibition • SǔnMǎo

Rong • SǔnMǎo is the sixth year of Rong Design Exhibition. Rong in Chinese means “melting”. By deconstructing the traditional crafts Rong designers turn them into contemporary design.

  • 2019.08.07-11.10

  • Park View Gallery

    1F, the Sea World Culture and Arts Center丨Design Society


"The connection status showed in Sǔn Mǎo is aesthetic." - Yuan Yuan

" The structures in Sǔn Mǎo mutually support and restrict one another." - Zhang Xiaochuan

" Sǔn Mǎo is not only construction of structures, but also construction of culture." - Wang Junlei

" Sǔn Mǎo is bound to last forever as long as the trees are still growing." - Cai Junling


家具设计师Alexandre Chary



The Interpretation of Sǔn Mǎo

How to define Sǔn Mǎo itself?

The current significance of Sǔn Mǎo

What is the link between Sǔn Mǎo and wood, how to inherit and achieve a breakthrough?

What are the new materials for Sǔn Mǎo’s languages expression at present?

How to think about the new craft context of Sǔn Mǎo?

What is the significance of Sǔn Mǎo at present?

How to deconstruct Sǔn Mǎo into creative thinking and method?

The Future of Sǔn Mǎo

How to break the boundary of Sǔn Mǎo?

With the change of life style, the development of materials and technology,

Will Sǔn Mǎo still exist?



Rong • SǔnMǎo is the sixth year of Rong Design Exhibition. Rong in Chinese means “melting”. By deconstructing the traditional crafts Rong designers turn them into contemporary design.


圆 榫 仕@范承宗


Evolve Stool@Alexandre Chary



2012 – 2017, focusing on one traditional Chinese crafts material each year, Rong Design Exhibition invites designers from different areas to do the contemporary design. 1st year – bamboo, 2nd year – silk, 3rd year – mud, 4th year – copper, 5th year – paper.  The sixth year, SǔnMǎo-Chinese Joints.

Dough shell ©Mike WONG

设计师Mike Wong

Mike Wong设计手稿

SǔnMǎo - Chinese Joints is a traditional Chinese way for connecting woods. This technique can be applied to big structures, like buildings and bridges, but also to small object like furniture and window. Ancient Chinese craftsmen used advanced wood joints to complete the three-dimensional structure.



Nowadays the hardwood materials gradually faded. Based on the concept of deconstruction, Rong Design Exhibition sincerely invites you to discuss in which direction will SǔnMǎo-based design go.


Zhang Lei

Founder of Rong Design Library

About Rong Design Library

Rong Design Library is the first Chinese Traditional Material Library. It is a non-profit organization. In this Library the traditinal material are shared with designers from all over the world. Each material is supported by at least one workshop for designers to cooperate. The mission of the library is to build a bridge between handicraft workshops and designers with hand-crafted materials. The materials and handicraft workshops from 31 provinces of China get presented in the Chinese Traditional Material Library.


Chen Darui, Dong Mi, Fan Chengzong, Fang Jingfeng, Huang Mingjian, Hou Zhengguang, Liang Chen, Luo Daishi, Lin Xingmin, Luo Yufen, Tan Zhipeng, Wang Junlei, Wan Ling, Xu Le, Yuan Jinhua, Yuan Yuan, Yao Yihuan, Zhai Weimin, Zhang Xiaochuan, Zhang Yipin, Alexandre Chary, Mike Wong, Sebastian Marbacher

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