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106, 1F, the Sea World Culture and Arts Center丨Design Society Shenzhen China

Monday - Sunday, 10: 00-22: 00

T 13510563992


Hamin Remix is an oriental aesthetics brand of the Shenzhen Hamin Silk and Apparel Limited Co. As a premium designer brand for women’s and men's high-end clothing, Hamin Remix is founded upon the spirits of “Chinese Element, Culture and Brand”, and has its roots in the authenticity and beauty of China's rich traditions. Not simply being vintage, Hamin Remix combines the essence of the past with contemporary, achieving a perfect mix between the beauty of traditions and modern fashion. It is an epitome of the "New Oriental" aesthetic lifestyle.


When it comes to material, Hamin Remix uses silk, cotton, linen, and wool to bring out the beauty in the nature. Combined with natural dye, the merits of these natural material are perfectly preserved and celebrated. By doing this, the organic materials may dissolve back into the land they came from, expressing the brand's respect and reverence for the nature.


With its elegant, vogue yet balanced style, Hamin Remix adheres to its original aspiration of craftsmanship, unlocking the oriental wisdom for modern fashion. It revives the essence and spirit of the traditional Chinese culture through every detail in its design, forming an enduring and harmonious oriental style.

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