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V&A Gallery

1F, the Sea World Culture and Arts Center Shenzhen China

Monday - Friday 10:00-19:00
Saturday - Sunday 10:00-21:00


Adjacent to the Main Gallery is the V&A Gallery, a space that will strengthen Design Society’s discussions on the contemporary by framing a debate on values of design through objects that offer historical and global context. The V&A Gallery presents a diverse cross section of objects from the V&A’s own permanent collection. Carefully selected for and inspired by Shenzhen, the exhibition also presents new acquisitions to the V&A collection, sourced from Shenzhen itself.

Values of Design at V&A Gallery, Design Society © Victoria & Albert Museum, London (6)

If values drive the design process, what we value will ultimately affect the way we design

The inaugural V&A exhibition Values of Design, designed by Sam Jacob Studio, is an exploration of our values, and how our values are reflected in the objects we choose to surround ourselves with. The largest international project the V&A has ever worked on, it provides a framework for a new and critical look at design.

In the context of contemporary China, the term ‘design’ has taken on many different values. From personal expression and problem solving to economic development.

Values of Design at V&A Gallery, Design Society © Victoria & Albert Museum, London (10)

By identifying several key values that have been driving design processes all over the world throughout the past two centuries, the objects in the exhibition either support or question these value claims, triggering the audience to reflect on how they value design themselves.

The V&A collection aims to contribute to the evolving design culture of China and Shenzhen in a meaningful way. Including regionally sourced objects, it reflects the dynamism and uniqueness of Shenzhen’s design scene, making connections between what is happening in the region today, and the extensive historical collection of the V&A.

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