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Detailed Session Plan

These innovative, hands-on workshops mirror and explore the design process as used by design industry professionals. Workshops have been devised to maximise students’ creative skills and link to design, art, STEAM and Maker education curricular with a focus on problem solving, design thinking and process. Sessions include an interactive tour of the gallery followed by a practical design and making session.

Choose you preferred topic and discuss in advance with the DS team to tailor the session to meet your learners’ needs:
A.Make it! Problem Solving through Making
B.Marvellous Materials
C.Research and Record: Drawing and Ideas Generation / Design Explorers: Experimental Drawing
D.Fashion Designer: Make and Draw

A.Make It! Problem solving through making

20171207 - School Tour - SAIS - 44

This fun, hands-on workshop challenges pupils to solve problems through creative thinking and
making. Participants will explore a range of innovative designs in the exhibition which respond to problems both big and small: from everyday tasks through to global and ethical issues. Armed with research and inspiration they will tackle a design brief creating their own prototypes using a range of unusual materials.

B. Marvellous Materials

20171207 - School Tour - SAIS - 41

This session focuses on the links between science, technology and design. Students will explore a range of exciting and unusual objects in the exhibition which showcase how designers have transformed innovations in material technology into clever design solutions – from a chair made out of recycled fabric to a vase made from toxic waste! After exploring the exhibition students will return to the studio to get creative and prototype new designs which utilise unusual and innovative materials.

C. Research and Record: Experimental Drawing and Ideas Generation

20171207 - School Tour - SAIS - 24

This session introduces learners to a range of fun and unconventional materials and drawing techniques used by designers to record inspiration and generate ideas for their practice. It is designed to help students maximise their gallery visit by encouraging creative investigation into the objects on display. Work can be developed into models and prototypes back in school or in an extended workshop at Design Society.

D. Fashion Designer: Make and Draw

20171207 - School Tour - SAIS - 02

This fun, hands-on workshop mimics real-life creative processes of fashion designers. Students will begin by exploring a range of innovative designs in the exhibition, collecting inspiration through drawing, discussion and paper manipulation. Back in the learning studio, participants will experiment with a range of materials to create small a scale prototype outfit or garment in response to a creative brief.

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