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Aiys Song

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Since 1998, Aiys Song, as a cello soloist, chamber concert performer, pioneer cellist, has been active in fields of a variety of concerts, dramas, dance dramas, exhibitions and films, as well as the cutting- edge area of China art circle. During this period, he was invited to take part in various Art Festivals at home and abroad, such as the Hong Kong Arts Festival, the Melbourne Festival, the Asia Society based in New York, the COIL Festival, the Israel International Arts Festival, the Bialyztok Art Festival, the Audi Yingjie Music, the Beijing Music Festival, the Music Festival of the Central Conservatory of Music, the Hennessy Music, and performed for the Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD) Arts and Culture Foundation in Germany and the Siemens Music Foundation. In addition, Aiys has been awarded a decent scholarship by the DAAD Art and Culture Foundation, and the world-class late musicians Mstislav Rostropovich and Isaac Stern had once spoke highly of Song by remarking that “He is a talented cellist” and “uniquely gifted cellist”.

Aiys Song serves as the creator of an array of art creation and performance brands, for instance, the Silence Club, Design of Sing Dynasty, Gene Trio, Attic of Beijing, Chinese San Music, KUBI & AIYS and the North Modern Mongolian Folk Music Lab, and has been engaged in independent and multi-art planning, professional cello performance, experimental music, improvised music, art visual design and cooperative art exploration for a long time. Having given more than two hundred sets of concert music works boasting both the high box office and quality of art, Song has been honored as the most creative multi-music artist through his country.

In recent years, Song has attracted much attention from people in the art community as he takes up the posts of the CEO and art director in the Silent Club Culture and Art Communication co. LTD and the founder of AIYS Art Lab. At the same time, he has also established the “Weeding Silence” Music Festival and perfectly showed his integration and coordination capacity by holding 10 art shows within merely 3 days.

From 2016 to 2017, Aiys Song, with a multiple titles of director, producer, planner and modern avant- garde artist, has subsequently produced and performed over twenty crossover live music works for the 2016 “Weeding Silence” the Music Festival, the 2016 “Telling her, A song for Mother” Concert Series, 2016 “Music • Season Oriental Art Scene” World Intercontinental Chinese Rose Conference, the 2017 “Silk Contemporary Oriental Music Art Scene”, the 2017 “Seven Sages” Qibu Art Music School, the 2017 “Sitting in the Right to Listen to the Music Contemporary Music SHOW”, the 2017 Charity Recital of “Let the Decibel of Love be Heard” in the Grand National Theatre with 35 famous Chinese anchors, the 2017 “Guided by Konghou Lulu Konghou Scenario Concert”, the New Year Charity Recital of “Rose in 2018 ” with well-known Chinese hosts, the 2018 Art Game Project of “Talk About Art”, and the concert of “Great Music” in the project of “When Hungary Meets China” in the Chinese Culture Exhibition of “One Belt One Road” in 2018, and has taken charged of the music design and production for the opening ceremony of and performed in the 2017 Beijing International Design Week. And all of these performances have been highly applauded by guests from 40 countries and more than 6,000 domestic and oversea audiences!

The representative from Geneva commented that, “I have been to China for 25 times, but this is the first time I witness such a marvelous performance in China. It perfectly combines the western and eastern music, and I was totally lost into it! This is really an incredible performance! In 2018, Aiys Song has been invited to be one of the partners of “Player” theater space in Yi Zhuang, Beijing and to take the post of the art producer and director, and he has accepted this invitation, so in 2018-2019, he is going to produce and releases a handful of theatrical art projects and works with the avant- garde style.

Over the past twenty years, Aiys Song, as a Chinese artist, has visited Israel, the South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, the United States, Britain, Germany, South Africa, Poland, Hungary, Georgia and other countries and areas on behalf of governmental art and cultural departments or organizations, such as Ministry of Culture, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Shanghai International Festival of Arts, and has called by his peers both at home and abroad as “the busiest cellist in China!”

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