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Design Society's Year Book

Year Book 设计互联机构出版物

If you are reading this, then a vision has materialized. China Merchants has long wanted to establish a place of culture in what by many is seen as its land of origin: Shekou. Not a place to simply preserve and cherish culture, but to reinvigorate, test, and expand culture within society at large. A place, that is, for design.

Its architecture: The Sea World Culture and Arts Center is an urban landmark in form, scale, setting and program. It connects the wisdom of a revered Japanese architect to Shenzhen’s ambitious youth. Architecture lovers, welcome.

Its galleries: This center will house a set of galleries that permit the telling of design in many facets. Museum lovers, welcome......


- Why Design Society
- What we offer
- How to run a platform
- Where we work
- Who we are
- Appendix

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