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Minding the Digital Catalogue

ISBN 978-7-5608-7485-2



Why ‘Minding the Digital’? We thought that in Design Society’s ambition to be a comprehensive institution incorporating a museum, experience center, and professional hub all in one, there was no subject more relevant than the digital landscape in which our life in unfolding in an ever-increasing degree. This digital transformation demands our fullest attention and requires our strongest imagination. ‘Minding the Digital’ allows the visitor to evaluate the evolution of contemporary design through this lens. It highlights some of contemporary design’s most important modes of operation. It encourages visitors to consider the role of design beyond the aesthetics of an object, such as in materials, production technologies, human interactions and societal organizations. Minding the Digital aims to show how we literally design society in the (no longer) early 21st century.


- Introduction
- Digital Encounter
- Digital Interactions
- Digital Participation
- Appendix

Interior Pages
Publication House TONGJI University Press
Page Number 176page
Language Description CH · EN
Size Description 787mm x 1092mm 1/8

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