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Values of Design Guidebook


‘Values of Design’ is about how we measure the value of things, and – in turn – how values shape the way we design. In 1852, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London was founded as the world’s first museum of design. Its mission was to educate the public and improve the way things were designed and made. It brought together the best examples of machine and hand-made products from all over the world. Objects of meticulous craft , beautiful composition , and functional simplicity were displayed in grand galleries, elevating and projecting a sense of value. But value is not written in stone. It takes on many forms. The value we place on design shapes our culture and our everyday lives. This exhibition invites you to reflect on your own values and how they might impact the world we live in. Ultimately, our future will be defined by how we value design. It’s up to us to decide.


- Performance
- Problem Solving
- Materials
- Identity
- Communication
- Cost
- Wonder

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Page Number 20page
Language Description CH · EN
Size Description Octavo

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