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Values of Design Catalogue

ISBN 978-1-56581-234-4


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The V&A’s relationship with China stretches back to the Museum’s formative years. From its inception in 1852, it has built collections from East Asia, acquiring its first Chinese artefacts in that inaugural year. Today some 16,000 Chinese items grace the V&A’s eclectic holdings, with archaeological material from the 4th millennium BC through to examples of contemporary art and design, making ours one of the most comprehensive and important collections of Chinese art outside East Asia. The V&A is also fortunate to have strong and long-established partnerships with the museums community in China, sharing knowledge, expertise and exhibitions over many decades, deepening the cultural understanding between our nations.

This book and its associated exhibition in the V&A Gallery at Design Society constitute just one element of a unique and ambitious collaboration with our partners at China Merchants Group,  which will establish a new cultural hub in China ...


- Foreword
- Design to Go Beyond, Without Losing Itself
- Values of Design
- The Making of an Exhibition
- Performance
- Cost
- Problem Solving
- Materials
- Identity
- Communication
- Wonder
- Picture Credits
- The Authors

Interior Pages
Publication House Shanghai Fine Arts Publisher Co. Ltd
Page Number 240page
Language Description CH · EN

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