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Design Society's 2020 Review


The Design Society’s 2020 Review records exhibitions, events, performances and collaborations from Design Society. It demonstrates the growth of Design Society as an open and innovative cultural platform.
The Covid-19 pandemic caused social distancing, which challenged world-wide cultural institutions. Nevertheless, Design Society has curated a series of digital programmes to engage with our audiences online.
Later in the year, the breadth of program and popularity of events, returned to similar levels as before, and still not entirely on par with it. But not only the pandemic changed the cards. Also our role in the Greater Bay Area has become more prominent in the wake of global trade wars, international ambitions of country and company, and the regional cultural-political dynamics, with antagonizing interests between holding to the status quo and the long term social and technological modernization of society. More than ever, the initiative and collaboration between China Merchants and the Victoria & Albert Museum comes to fruition in the midst of global projections about each other.
That’s why for instance we organized a widely acclaimed online conference, in collaboration with the Shenzhen Design Week, featuring a broad roster of speakers from East and West, discussing how values of design can be found and implemented in times of corona.
In this specific year, Design Society continued to act as a public cultural hub for Shenzhen and the Greater Bay Area, to bring inspiration, and hopefully to raise new understanding and expectation for our shared future.

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