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Learning Program For School

We live in a world that has been designed and made by people. Children and young people will determine the future of this world, whether as designers, users and consumers. The design and creative industries are rapidly growing. Design is fundamental to future economic success and jobs in the creative sector are future proof as they present a low risk of automation.

Creative and design education is vital in order to prepare and inspire the next generation of designers, innovators and entrepreneurs. Bring your students to Design Society to learn about design and develop skills in design thinking, problem-solving and creativity to create a better world for the future!

School Workshops at Design Society

20171206 - School Tour - SWIS - 35

Our programme of innovative, hands-on workshops mirror and explore the design process as used by design industry professionals. Workshops have been devised to maximise students’ creative skills and link to design, art, STEAM and Maker education curricular with a focus on problem solving, design thinking and process.
Sessions include an interactive tour of the gallery followed by a practical design and making session.

Workshops last for 2 hours. They are suitable for ages 5 - 18 and can be adapted to make them appropriate for different ages, abilities and school projects. Choose you preferred topic and discuss in advance with the DS team to tailor the session to meet your learners’ needs.

Teacher's Preview

20171207 - Lecture's Preview - 13

DS will make an  arrangement for teachers'  free preview, invite teachers to experience the charm of the exhibition in the first time, and conduct field research and investigation for the students after the visit.
At the same time, they can also experience  the creative workshops for student groups in advance.
Teache's  preview is usually held within 1-2 weeks after each exhibition.

Teach Meet

20171206 - Teacher's Preview - 27

Teach meet, will deepen the connection between educators, and also provide them with an exchange and sharing platform, common assessment and summing up the experience of teaching, to explore and research the museum education and a new topic of education career.

Teachers Resources

20171207 - Lecture's Preview - 09

Teachers resources are designed to support educators in peparing and leading a successful visit to the exhibition. we hope to provide inspiration for actively engaging your learners with objects and ideas on display through discussion and activities which you may wish to differentiate for different age groups and abilities.

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