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About Design Society Edu

Design Society is a new and pioneering institution located in Seaworld Culture and Arts Centre, Shekou, Shenzhen. Serving as a collaborative platform, Design Society aims to create synergies, connect China and the world, and empower the inter-connectivity between design and society, design and everyday life, and design and industries.


Learning and Public Programmes are developed to fully embody the mission of Design Society, and to turn Design Society into the go-to platform and leading resource for Design education in China. Through these programmes, Design Society fully engage with the public, and cultivate enthusiastic, loyal and dedicated audiences. Sea World Culture and Art Centre will be filled with lively programmes and events, and will become a ”not to be missed ”culture destination. 


2016丨GO! Design Community Festival


Design Society believes “Design can be an action, a process, as well as a matter; it is a way of making the world and everything in it, and it is also a rule of how we understand the world and shape our life. ”

We advocate the concept of “Design With Society”, which means design should be responsive and innovate.In order to facilitate the design spirit of "hands-on experience, critical making, cross-connection", we will turn professional design practice and creative culture into events that everyone can understand and participate; therefore, we champion the potential of design to constantly inspire cross-connections, communication and co-creation.

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The Learning and Public programme will be developed to fully embody and support the mission of Design Society. We will:

  • Facilitate learning and public engagement derived from the content of DS;
  • Help to create an accessible, fun and creative cultural institution through inclusive programming that is appropriate to the needs of diverse audience groups;
  • Demystify the design process. Emphasise on the ”observe – design – create – present” process of design thinking;
  • Respect the design instinct of every participant and encourage them to design and create through inspiring teaching methods and innovative experiences.
  • Collaborative: To collaborate with internal staff and external partners to ensure an effective and relevant programme.
  • Open: To champion inclusivity and open access for all audiences, and seek out opportunities for experimentation, sharing, participation and co-creation.
  • Innovative: To be fresh, creative and inspiring. To demystify cutting edge design practice and transform the way that visitors view cultural and creative learning provisions.
  • Creative: To be new and different in exploring design practice and industry in relation to its exhibitions.
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2017丨Volunteer Train

Learning Plan

Design Society Leaning & Event  Programme Components

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Educators' Programmes

Educators' Resource

Performance / Screening Design Course
Conference Residency Project
Volunteer Programme Guided Tour
Looking forward to your participation
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