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Learning and Public Programmes

Learning and Public Programmes are developed to fully embody the mission of Design Society, and to turn Design Society into the go-to platform and leading resource for Design education in China. Through these programmes, Design Society fully engage with the public, and cultivate enthusiastic, loyal and dedicated audiences. Sea World Culture and Art Centre will be filled with lively programmes and events, and will become a ”not to be missed ”culture destination. 

Talk / Panel
20171203 - 肖子文沟通互动装置设计工作坊分享会环节 Eric Siu Communication Devices Workshop - 02

Designers, creatives and innovators share their opinions on hot topics and cutting edge issues across different design fields. Experience interdisciplinary exchange and debate and gain insight and inspiration from professionals at the frontier of global design.

Workshop & Design Course
20171203 - V&A Family Studio - Brilliant Badges - V&A亲子工作坊 - 闪耀的徽章 - 02

Design Society has planned a variety of creative and experimental activities for everyone to enjoy: exhibition workshops, taster workshops. Be it families with kids, curious and ambitious teenagers, casual drop-by visitors or serious and seasoned museum goers, all can experience, learn about and be inspired by the wonder of creativity and design!

Educators' Programmes
20171206 - 中小学教师预览 - Teacher's Preview - 27

As a public cultural hub, Design Society aims to increase engagement and access to design education for the community. Design Society hopes to establish a platform for professional educators to connect public, private and international schools as well as colleges and universities creating a platform for communication, collaboration and sharing.

Educators' Resource
20171206 - Teacher's Preview - 34

Educators' Resources are available to accompany each exhibition. Resources are designed to support educators in preparing and leading a successful visit to the exhibition. We hope to provide inspiration for actively engaging your learners with objects and ideas on display through suggested discussion and activities which you may wish to differentiate for different age groups and abilities. 

Performance / Screening
20171203 - 弗拉明戈二重奏 - Flamingo Duet - 03

Design Society will host a series of performances and film screenings related to its exhibitions.  Through this programme we hope to connect with people their lives through relaxing and friendly activities.


Design Society Conference aims to provide the platform for communication and sharing for the purpose of improving the development of creative industries. The global culture, creativity and design celebrities will gather in the Design Society丨Sea World Culture and Arts Center. They will express their ideas from multi-dimensional viewpoints and reflect on the future, also the values of design industry all together.

Volunteer Programme
20171022 - Volunteer Train - 16

We are committed to deepening public understanding and experience of our institution through the conduction of volunteers to participate in activities and services. We are willing to listen to the public and encourage volunteers to share their ideas. The design spirit – “Hands-on Design, Independent Creation, Interconnecting Engagement” is empasised throughout the volunteer development plan, in order to motivate more cross-border communications and collisions in the city.

Guided Tour
20171206 - School Tour - SWIS - 46

Design Society offers a wide range of guided tours to help our visitors have a better understanding of every single details about Design Society丨Sea World Culture and Arts Center.

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