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Design Society Team

Design to Love
Design Society

One of the most rewarding aspects of establishing a new institution, is building its team. Being commissioned to carve out a mission, to develop a brand, and to develop a comprehensive strategy is great. I’m grateful for that opportunity. But to implement and materialize these things in a real program, requires many talented, courageous and persevering people. We are blessed to have found them, and actually, to test the vision of Design Society through the prolonged faith and the hard work of the team. All members share this common ground, meanwhile representing a wide array of skills, expertise and backgrounds. They come from all over China, many of them also having spent years pursuing foreign education. They combine a strong love for the arts, design and culture, while showing a keen interest in innovation and self-sustained operations. To celebrate their contribution, here we present their motivations in their own words.

Team Members

Ole Bouman


Zhao Rong

Director Assistant

Shi Liangzhou

Deputy General Manager

Gu Ling

Head of Communications

Yin Xuedong

Business Director

Cai Yiyuan

Operation Director

Carrie Chan

Senior Curator

Li Xiaonan

Exhibition Manager

Azinta Litiana Plantenga 


Yu Tao

Business Manager

Lin Qiao

Business Manager

Cao Wei

Operation Manager

Guan Peng

Operation Manager

Zhang Shu

Membership Manager

Zeng Wenqi

Communication Manager

Tang Siyun

Assistant Curator

Pan Xuan 丨Sherryl

Learning Assistant

Wu Sichao

Branding Officer

Zhou Chenchen

Exhibition Assistant

Cheng Sheng 丨Andie


He Xueting 丨Elli

Operation Officer

Ye Qiuyi 丨Bonnie

Event Assistant

Huang Yunjing 

Exhibition Assistant

Zhang Xiaoyu

Assistant Curator

Yang Shu

HR Business Partner

Cui Jinlong


Design Society Store

Lu Yangli

Exhibition Manager,

Shekou Museum of Reform and Opening

Du Liang

Deputy Exhibition Manager,

Shekou Museum of Reform and Opening

Xiong Yiwei

Media Specialist,

Shekou Museum of Reform and Opening

Kong Weiyi

Learning Specialist,

Shekou Museum of Reform and Opening

Zhou Fang

Guide Supervisor,

Shekou Museum of Reform and Opening

Zhang Xianjing


Mountain View Theater

Feng Biqi丨Becky

Sales and Marketing Specialist,

Mountain View Theater


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