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Volunteer Programme

Why choose Design Society?

We sincerely welcome you to join the Design Society Volunteer team and grow with us.

20171022 - Volunteer Train - 08

We are committed to deepening public understanding and experience of our institution through the conduction of volunteers to participate in activities and services. We are willing to listen to the public and encourage volunteers to share their ideas. The design spirit –“Hands-on Design, Independent Creation, Interconnecting Engagement” is empasised throughout the volunteer development plan, in order to motivate more cross-border communications and collisions in the city.

Who are preferred?
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Whether you are imaginative or realistic, lively or elegant, bold or cautious, as long as you are rooted in Shenzhen at the moment, aged between 16 to 65, having a strong interest in art and design and willing to improve yourselves and volunteer in spare time, we welcome you to join us and realize our ideas together.

What do we do?
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Exhibition preparation

In order to get the ultimate experience, every detail of the preparatory period will affect the final effect, so we need to be fully devoted behind the stage. Volunteers will have the opportunity to enter the exhibition hall during the preparation of the on-going opening exhibition to get a better understanding of it. Except participating in all aspects of the exhibition preparation work, it is possible for you to work closely with the artists, designers and other professionals, and help Design Society exhibition team to complete relevant work.

Learning & Public activities

Learning & Public activities, as a connection between Design Society and the public, aim to transform professional design practices and cutting-edge creative culture into the form that everyone can understand, experience and participate in. Volunteers in various forms of activities may experience different roles, participate in the preparatory work and on-site support, and motivate the innovative design spirits of Shenzhen together with the Design Society learning and public event team.

Guide service

How to explain the contents of professional exhibitions vividly? Volunteers can have a comprehensive observation and understanding of the great exhibits from all over the world in the training, and introduce the exhibition highlights to the public from their own points of view. They can make the most of their presentation skills and interact with the public on behalf of Design Society to understand the thoughts of the public.

Media communication

Volunteers who love to write and make videos can work out a series of activities in Design Society media communication team. They are active in every corner of the venue, and participate in the whole activity process. In addition to informing the public the latest hot news of Design Society and sending out a variety of benefits, they are also able to work with the professional communication team workers and improve together.

Visitor Service

What we concerned the most is the experience and perception of every visitor in the space. The attentive guidance for audiences, the intimate service for members and VIPs, the close concern for children and people in need embodies the intention of DS to enhance visitor experience. Volunteers will know Design Society and its building comprehensively, and be responsible for answering questions and offering service for the audience.

What can I get?
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Design Society will provide comprehensive professional training for volunteers, respect their personal wishes, encourage the development of personal expertise and skills in voluntary services, and stimulate their creative thinking. Volunteers can participate in exhibitions, activities, share personal views, and gain personal advancement and experience. In addition, the organization will provide volunteers with a healthy and safe working environment and catering allowance, and cover them with insurance in service.

How to join us?
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  • During the recruitment period of volunteers, the public can sign up through the online official channel by filling in the "Design Society Volunteer Application Form."
  • College and university students can also pay attention to Design Society official channel, participate the Design Society volunteer recruitment talk in colleges and universities, and register on-site.
  • After initial examination, qualified applicants need to attend an interview. Applicant that passes the interview can officially become a Design Society volunteer.
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