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Guided Tours

Group Guided Tours

Listen to stories related to a range of incredible objects within our stunning galleries.

Language: Mandarin/English

Price: ¥1500 for general public, ¥750 for school groups

Free of charge for Design Society Members, minimum group size: 4 visitors, advance booking required.

Reservation: (0755) 26151419 contact Ms. Zhou


Multimedia Guide

You can rent an audio guide on site or enjoy our free WeChat audio guide.

Language: Mandarin/English

Price: ¥10/device, ¥8 for group rental exceeding 10 people

Free for Design Society Members

Renting deposit: valid ID or ¥100 in cash for each device

S (7)的副本

Director’s Guided Tour

Have you ever wanted to understand the full scope of Design Society, exploring its generous public spaces in and around the building, its views from the rooftop, its Horizon Hall and Mountain View Theatre, its exciting galleries, its shops and restaurants, and start to see the common drive behind them all? Did you ever want to explore the Design Society creative eco-system and even reach some of the back of the house facilities? And are you interested to conclude such a tour with a conversation and a drink at one of our café’s? You may consider to book our Director’s Guided Tour.

  • Fees: ¥ 8000 per group (Maximum 20 people)

  • Language: English

  • To make an appointment: Please call (0755) 26151419 two weeks ahead.

Curator’s Guided Tour

Are you curious about the curatorial concepts behind our exhibitions?  Would you like to have a face-to-face conversation with the curators of our exhibitions? You may consider to book our Curator’s Guided Tour.

  • Fees: ¥ 5000 per group (Maximum 20 people)
  • Language: English/Chinese(Depends on the curator)
  • To make an appointment: call (0755) 26151419 two weeks ahead.
20171206 - 学校互动导览 - 深美国际学校 - School Tour - SWIS - 46 (1)的副本

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